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Krazy's Sliders Page
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(New Theme)
What if you found a porthole to a parallel universe?
What if you could slide to a thousand different worlds?
Where it's the same year, and you're the same person.
But everything else is different.
And what if you couldn't find your way home?

(Old Theme)
What if you could travel to parallel worlds?
The same year.
The same Earth.
Only different dimensions.
A world where the Russians rule America.
Or a world where your dreams of becoming a super-star come true.
Or where San Francisco was a maximum security prison.
My friends and I found the gateway.
Now the only problem is...finding a way home.

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It all started on a quiet residential street in San Francisco where Quinn Mallory turned his basement into a scientific laboratory and figured out how to "slide" through parallel dimensions of Earth using a timer which opens a sliding vortex. The SLIDERS have slid from one universe to another and explored the alternate route to personal and historical situations. Although it's always Earth and always present day, the troop encounters a different scenario each time they slide into parallel dimensions.

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Along the way, they have lost a few Sliders...First, they lost Professor Maximillian Arturo...but did they really???...If you remember correctly, the Professor that was shot, may not be the correct Professor...Remember when there were two Professors and there was a struggle before the slide???...When the Professor was shot, they gained Maggie Beckett...Then they lost Wade Wells...she was taken to a breeding camp...Then they gained Colin Mallory...he is Quinn Mallory's long lost brother...Then they lost Quinn Mallory and Colin Mallory in a sliding accident...Due to the accident, they gained a different Quinn Mallory (who is called Mallory)...After the accident and gaining Mallory, they gained Diana Davis...Who is the sliders only way to try to find the origional Quinn Mallory and Colin Mallory...

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